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Full name: Mia Sarabia Medicielo
Former university:Western Visayas College of Science and Technology
Major in Univ.:Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Tehnology
Birth date:June 14,1991

About hometown and family

I grew up in a small town called Igbaras , its 40 kilometers from Iloilo City. My hometown is a peaceful place and is abundant with natural resources and magnificent tourist spots. We have there the highest mountain in Iloilo which is the Mt. Napulak, famous Nadsadjan falls, Guiritsan falls, Kipot falls, Igcabugao cave and the largest flower in the world, the Rafllesia. Igbaras might be small, but the places and the people who lives there are very caring and happy. I ‘am proud to say that I’m an uptown girl who grew up in Igbaras, Iloilo City Philippines. “Family is where life begins and love never ends.” I have six crazy, annoying but funny brothers. I’m the only rose among the thorns. Having six brothers is the coolest thing ever happened in my entire life! We were taught by our dearest grandma to love one another because she said, time will come we will ride on different roads of life and be far from each other, that’s why although we fight sometimes, we never forget to make some stupid things and make each other laugh. While our mother is the alarm clock in our house, I remember every morning during high school days, she would wake us up saying, “hey! Wake up! Aren’t you going to school?! Move!!.” It’s funny ‘coz no matter how we hate it, we still miss her screaming and shouting, she is self employed. In the other hand, our dad is our MVP. Most Valuable Papa, he tells us good stories, almost every night. He taught us all how to swim, play chess, basketball, guitar and singing. He taught us how to love music, to learn English language by watching English movies, right now our dad is a farmer. People may say that I and my brothers never grow up. But what can I say? Childish people are sweeter than grownups. This is me, this is about my loving grandma and supportive parents, and this is about my funny brothers. This is my family who taught me to be hardworking, thrifty and God fearing in order to reach my goals and dreams in life. And I ‘am so happy to have them in this world that I would never dare to ask God for more.

私の出身はイロイロシティから40キロ離れたところにあるイグバラスという小さな町で育ちました。そこはとても穏やかな場所で自然にあふれており観光スポットでもあります。そこにはNapulak山というイロイロシティで一番高い山があり、Nadsadjan,Guirtsan, Kipotなどの滝らIgcabugao洞窟が有名です。イウバラスは小さな町ですが、そこに住む人々は面倒見が良く、みんな幸せに暮らしています。私はこの町で生まれてよかったなと思っています。私には少しうるさいですが、愉快な6人の男兄弟がいます。女の子は私だけです。それでも6人の兄弟がいたことはとても幸せに思っています。私たちは祖母からお互いを愛することを教わりました。祖母は「いつかお互いに違う道を進むときがくる。だからいくら喧嘩しても決して一緒にふざけたことをしたり、たくさん笑ったことを忘れちゃいけないよ。」と繰り返し言っていました。母は私たちの目覚まし時計でした。毎朝、「起きなさい!」と叫んでいました。おもしろいことはどれだけ私たちがその目覚まし時計があまりにうるさくて嫌っていても、結局みんな無視できていたことです。父は私たちの家族のMVPです。Most Valuable Papaです。父は毎晩興味深い話を聞かせてくれました。また、父からは、泳ぎ方からチェス、バスケット、ギター、歌うことなども学びました。また音楽や英語を英語の映画を見せながら教えてくれました。私はこんな素敵な家族を持てたことを幸せに思います。

Favorite TV programs and It’s contents

Slum dunk is my favourite TV series; it’s a funny story about Sakuragi who is determined to play basketball although he has no idea about basketball. But because he is inspired and has the determination, he actually got the chance to play with the team of Shohuko! It’s a great story that shows how a person or a team should learn to accept and work as real team to reach one goal.


Goals and dreams as an English teacher

“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.” My goal is to be the coolest teacher a student will have. My plan is to make my classes livelier as I can. My deadline is every day. I know it’s hard to make a dream come true. But I believe that I can make my students enjoy learning English and by that I’m sure that I can reach my goal no matter what.


About Japanese and Japan

Japan is so famous about their sushi, tempura and teriyaki. Japan has a distinct kind of cuisine which really amazes me. Japan is a place of organized people. I have seen in some movies, news and some TV programs how rich is Japanese culture. How Japanese people are very highly motivated and competitive when it comes to different kinds of things, like business and sports.

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