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Full name: Jecel Y. Gastador
Former university:Cebu Mary Immaculate College / Cebu Technological University
Major in Univ.: Bachelor of Arts Major in English / Associate in Engineering Technology
Birth date:June 27, 1991

About hometown and family

The name Daanbantayan was derived from two words: the word "Daan" (which means "old" in the Cebuano language, and the word "Bantayan" which refers to a place that served as a "look-out-station" for Moro raiders before the Spaniards obtained control. The original site of the town might have been located at an elevated vantage point near Punta which is situated near Tapilon. Some older maps and publications use both words independently from one another, as "Daan Bantayan." Daanbantayan is known for having lots of spectacular beaches where anybody would be delighted to stay with. Daanbantayan is a 1st class municipality in the municipality of Cebu, the Philippines, occupying the northern tip of Cebu island. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 74,897 people. Malapascua Island is part of the jurisdiction of the municipality of Daanbantayan. Every year, Daanbantayan celebrates the Haladaya Festival which is in honor of Datu Daya, the legendary founder of the town. My father is an innate ‘Daanbantayanon’. Being the eldest daughter of the family, I tried to be a self-made individual who is flexible and versatile enough wherever I would go. My family is my greatest inspiration why I tried to eradicate my greatest weakness – being a shy girl. When I graduated my senior high, I pursued College with the course of Associate in Engineering Technology. But life brings me here in the city, and it was the greatest challenge in my life- to stand on my own feet.
Daanbantayan という名は、2つの言葉に由来します。"Daan"(セブアノ語で「古い」という意味)と、"Bantayan"(スペイン人に統治される前、モロ族の盗賊の見張り場所とされていたところ)から成ります。昔の町は、おそらくTapilon の近くのPunta の高地にあったのだと思います。古い地図や出版物には "Daan Bantayan." と2つの言葉で表されています。Daanbantayanはだれもが滞在したいと思う、すばらしいビーチがたくさんあることで知られています。Daanbantayanはセブ島の北にある高級な地域です。2010年の調査によると、人口は74,897人です。Malapascua島はDaanbantayan地区の一部です。毎年、Daanbantayanでは、この町を開拓した人物Datu Dayaを祝うお祭り、Haladaya祭が行われます。 私の父は、生粋のDaanbantayanの人です。私は長女ですので、どこにいこうと順応していき、なんでもこなす自立した自分になれるよう努めました。私の最大の弱点、恥ずかしがりやなところをなくそうと努められたのも家族のおかげです。私は高校を卒業したあと、技術テクノロジーの分野に進みました。しかし、そのあと都心にでることになり、自立していくことは、最大のチャレンジだと思っています。

Favorite TV programs and It’s contents

I love to watch Bear Grylls in a television series “Man Vs. Wild” that was aired in Discovery Channel. It is because I love adventures and he always amazed me in his series of adventures in the wilderness. I couldn’t forget what he once said that wherever you go, you can survive if you will only listen to nature. I also love to watch “ The Dog Whisperer” ( with Cesar Millan), a reality TV series that features Cesar Millan's work with problem dogs. In the United States, the program airs exclusively on the Nat Geo Wild channel. The series finale aired on 15 September 2012. I always love to watch programs in English because I want to enhance more of my English skills. Besides, I love to learn new words and phrases which I could use whenever I feel like writing something.
私はディスカバリーチャンネルでやっている「Man Vs. Wild 」のBear Gryllsのテレビシリーズを観るのが大好きです。なぜなら、冒険が大好きで、いつも野生の世界を冒険している彼のシリーズはいつもすばらしいです。彼が言った言葉「どこに行こうと、自然の声を聞くことで、生き残ることができる。」というのが忘れられません。あと、Cesar Millanの「The Dog Whisperer」という、Cesar Millan と犬とのやりとりを映しているリアリティショーも大好きです。アメリカでは、the Nat Geo Wild channelでやっていましたが、2012年9月15日にこのシリーズは終わりました。 私は自分の英語のスキルを向上することができるので、英語の番組を観るのが大好きです。それに、どこでも使える言葉やフレーズを学んでいくのも大好きだからです。

Comments to students

Learning English is quiet a tough job. It requires too much time, efforts, and PATIENCE in order to acquire proficiency in this language. But everything becomes smooth and easy if you will just feel and ENJOY the moment studying the language. Teaching is my passion, and it is my very first duty to help you my students, to assist and teach you on the certain points that you should learn and understand about the language. ENGLISH has become the number one medium of communications around the globe; therefore, it is the best choice to study and get used to this field. But one necessary thing I must tell you is that, “The best way to learn a language is to often repeat and practice speaking the language.”

Goals and dreams as an English teacher

My very first goal in teaching is of course, to nurture my students about the knowledge and understanding of the language. It would bring me a very exciting filling of fulfilment to see and hear how my regular students incredibly improve their English skills after weeks, months or years of teaching them. Second, the goal of the company is also my goal of course. EEIKAIWA is giving me the chance to share my knowledge of the language to those Japanese students. Here, I discover how I really love teaching and how I should deal with students from different levels. And finally, I want to help more and more students who wish to learn ENGLISH...

About Japanese and Japan

The very first idea that would come into my mind upon hearing the words Japanese and Japan is that “ they are business-minded’ people. But they are very nice people- smart and hardworking! I admire Japanese people because they are also very flexible enough that whatever catastrophes that they encountered, they were able to cope up and rise again...
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