e英会話先生紹介 Lisa先生

Full name: Zhuo Yu(Teacher Lisa)
Former university: Liaoning Technical University
Major in Univ.: Electrical Industrial Automation
Birth date: October 11, 1980

About hometown and family

About hometown and family: I was born in the City of Dalian, but when I was still a babyhood I came to Liaohua of Liaoyang city for the job of my parents. It is known for producing petroleum chemical Industry products. And it’s not far from the city of Shenyang which is the capital of Liaoning province. It is a famous historic city and it has a longer history and culture than Shenyang city. If you have opportunity you may come and see it with your own eyes. I believe that your trip is not a waste of time. All of my relatives lived in Dalian except my family. I was raised in a free and loose living environment, at the same time I was feeling lonely for no siblings. So I am hoping that when I grow up I would have two children for myself if possible.



Favorite TV programs and It’s contents

I do like watching TV shows before. In case I watched TV, no matter what programs they were, I would watch them all day long. But now I am very seldom watch TV for no time. As far as I am concerned, I enjoy watching Film channels. Through this channel, I could share all of the famous films all over the world.

以前はテレビ鑑賞がとても好きでした。その頃はどんな番組でも一日中観ていました。今は忙しくてなかなかその時間が取れませんが、機会があれば、Film という番組を観たいです。この番組は世界各国の有名な映画情報を得ることができます。


Comments to students

Teaching is a great profession. In education, a teacher is a person who provides schooling for others and facilitates student’s learning. Although it’s a difficult task but indeed it is a challenging thing, and it’s a great way to learn new skills. The best thing about being a teacher is that your students will learn something from you and you may learn something from them as well. Although I have no formal experience in teaching by profession except family education, I am very confident with my English communication skills. I am able to speak in English fluently and can able to speak in Japanese too, even not good yet, but it is enough to communicate with Japanese people especially for those who are basic learners in English. Since I am a cheerful and friendly person, when I teach I will make sure that it will be a fun learning experience for both of us. That experience is enjoyable so that learning Chinese/English is something to look forward to each day.



Goals and dreams as an English teacher

The biggest goal and dream as an English/Chinese teacher for me is making every learners can like me and like listening my lessons by trying my best efforts.



About Japanese and Japan

I have been working in Japanese companies for nearly 9 years after graduation. Through the working experience and getting in touch with Japanese colleagues of these years, I feel Japanese are very motivated when it comes to work. I often find that they work overtime until the latter half of the night. I also have a lot of Japanese friends and most of them are very friendly and accommodating. There are many aspects worth our Chinese learning. Most making me admiring is the manners of Japanese. The environment of Japan is very nice, all because they are very attention to details in daily life. For example, Japanese don’t drop any rubbish to the ground and get on the bus one by one every time.


大学??以后,我在日企已?工作了近9年的??。通??些年的工作??以及与日本同事之?的接触,我感?日本人在工作的?候特???。我?常??他?直到后半夜?在加班。我也有很多日本人朋友,??大都非常友好且?于助人。日本人有很多方面是很?得我?中国人学?的。最?我?佩的是日本人的礼?。日本的?境非常?美,?全都是因?日本人在 日常生活中非常注重??。例如,他?一点也不会随便往地上乱??物并且?次都会排好?一个接一个的上公交?。


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