• Name / 名前:Alia(アリア)

  • Place of Birth / 出生地: Cebu City

  • Graduating university or college / 出身大学:Asian College of Technology

  • Major in / 専攻:Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management major in Cruise and Airline Management

  • 講師歴:3年以上

What was your dream when you were a child? / 子供の頃の夢は?

When I was a young child my dream was to become a News Anchor. When I was still a student I used to participate in a news casting event in our school.

What is your hobby? / 趣味は?

my hobby is watching documentary videos and Korean Drama and also baking. My favorite korean drama was (Strange Doctor) I like the mystery and thrilling underlying plot line related to politics and disagreement between South Korea and North Korea. This drama was too intense. When I'm at home I love baking cakes, cookies etc. and making my own recipe.

What are you skilled in? / 特技は?

Handles customer/clients complain well. (When I was working in a call center industry one on my jobs was to handle customers' complaints this wasn't an easy task but I was able to made an irate customer to calm down and made sure they woulnd't leave any negative feedback to our company's page or website.

What is your favorite food? / 好きな食べ物は?

I love Kimchi because it causes the immune cells to be more active and the antibodies to be more abundant. It also contains healthy bacteria and probiotics for the overall wellness of human's body.

Which country or place do you want to go someday? / いつか訪れてみたい国や場所は?

I want to visit Africa not only because of the geographical wonders and active dventures to boot there but because I want to do volunteer activity and experience the lifestyle of the natives.

Suppose you were an animal, then what would you think you were? / もしも自分が動物ならどんな動物だと思う?

I would compare myself to a Lion.
I would compare myself to a Lion not because it's dangerous but because of its personalities. Lions are very protective and courageous. Just like me I am very protective to my family, friends and all the people around me.
I am willing to do everything whatever it takes just to protect the people and things I have to protect. I've experienced lots of trials and obstacles just to achieve my goals; If I wasn't so courageous I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Message to Students / 生徒様へのメッセージ

By learning a language just like English it will improve your memory and makes you more brilliant and conscious thinker. Once you've learned new words or phrases you will remember and use it, in this way this is a good exercise to strengthens your memory and increase your creativity. I am very excited to see you in my lesson.
Let's make your English studies more fun and meaningful.