e英会話先生紹介 Ashley先生

Full name: Desiree (Ashley) Binghay-Bellen
Former university: University of Cebu
Major in Univ.: Bachelor of Science in Information & Computer Science
Birth date

About hometown and family

I have a big family. I have two sisters and two brothers. My father is a retired public school teacher and my mother is a merchant. My older sister lives in Toronto, Canada and she works as a caregiver for elderly people. Her family will be joining with her soon since she already got her Canadian citizenship. My older brother is a seaman. He has already travelled around the world. My younger sister stays at home with my parents since she’s not married yet. And my youngest brother already has his own family. My parents live in Pinamungajan, Cebu. It is a town located in the southwestern part of the province. It is a small but progressive town. People living in my town earn money by fishing and farming. Many people from my town are also working abroad for a living.


Favorite TV programs and It’s contents

I love to watch game shows. I love to watch game shows like “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” and our local game show here in the Philippines called, “Game Ka Na Ba?”. What I love most from watching this kind of TV programs is that I get to enjoy and learn at the same time. I get to learn a lot of new things that I didn’t know before and for me it’s very interesting. There are trivias about people, things, animals and places. I also love to watch “The Amazing Race.” It’s very nice to see teams outwit each other. They get to travel to countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and in the United States. It’s very exciting to see them running in the airport, train and bus stations trying to catch up on each other in doing the tasks. It is even my dream of to participate in “The Amazing Race.”

私はクイズ番組が大好きです。特に“ミリオネア”のような番組が大好きです。ここフィリピンでは“Game Ka Na Ba?”といいます。クイズ番組の好きなところは、楽しむと同時に学べるというところです。今まで知らなかったことを学べるところがとても楽しいです。人、モノ、動物、場所などの雑学があります。また、私は“The Amazing Race.” という番組も大好きです。チームがお互い裏をかいて行動するのがおもしろいです。彼らはヨーロッパ、アジア、アフリカやアメリカを旅してまわります。特におもしろかったのが、彼が空港、電車やバスの駅へ走ってそれぞれ課題を取りに行くところです。私も“The Amazing Race.”に参加するのが夢です。

Comments to students

A student must possess the drive and determination to learn. She must also learn to actively participate in discussions and readings. She must also listen to the instructions given to her by the teacher and must develop good teacher-student relationship to keep the lessons alive and not boring. She must also maintain good camaraderie with her classmates and teacher so learning can be fun and exciting. With this, she will be able to communicate well with her classmates and teacher if she maintains good rapport with them thus understanding the English language more quickly and easily.

学ぶ者はやる気と強い意志がなければなりません。 また、積極的ににディスカッションとリーディングに参加しましょう。学ぶ者は与えられた指示をよく聞き、有効なレッスンとするためには教師と生徒の良い関係を築くことが大切です。 また、楽しく、エキサイティングなクラスにするためにはクラスメイトや先生とよい関係を維持する必要があります。その結果より早く、簡単に英語が理解できるようになるでしょう。

Goals and dreams as an English teacher

My goal as an English Teacher is to be able to teach my students effectively. It would mean that I’m effective as a teacher and they understood me well and the lessons I gave them. To know that you are able to convey to your students what you want them to learn is very rewarding and fulfilling. As a teacher, you would be very proud to hear or see your students communicate with other people and having the confidence to express themselves.


About Japanese and Japan

Japan is an island nation in East Asia also referred as the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Japan has the world’s third largest economy. It is also the world’s fourth largest exporter and fifth largest importer. It is a developed country with high living standards. Japan is a leading nation in scientific research, particularly in scientific research, technology, mechanical and biomedical research. Japan is also the world’s largest producer of automobiles.Japanese people feel comfortable with familiar people in the communities they belong to. They are hardworking and diligent people. Japanese people tend to accommodate others’ opinions rather than speak up for themselves. They are generally, law-abiding citizens. They are also practical people.

日本は東アジアの島国で、「日出ずる国」と言われいます。日本は世界第3位の経済大国です。そして世界第4位の輸出国、第5位の輸入国です。先進国であり、生活水準が高く、科学、技術、テクノロジー、生物医学、特に科学研究が進んでいます。日本は自動車の世界最大の生産国です。日本の人々はとても親切な民族です。彼らはとても勤勉な人々です。 日本人の人々は、自信を主張するよりむしろ他の人の意見に流れる傾向があります。一般的に法律に従う国民で、また実用的な人々です。


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