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Full name: Rechelle Z. Pardillo
Former university: Southwestern University
Major in Univ.: Clinical Psychology/BS Nursing
Birth date: November 21,1977

About hometown and family

I come from a small town named Boljoon. It’s 103 kilometres away from Cebu City. I have one sister and one brother. We are all married. My father is a retired government employee. My mother is a housewife and she has a small grocery store. I am married and bear one daughter. She is 14 years old and studying in a university. My husband is working in Magsaysay Mitsui, OSK a shipping company based in Japan. I worked as an ESL Teacher in E-MO Language Studies Corporation. I handled Public Speaking class, Conversational English, Critical Writing and Reading with kids, middle student, mothers and professionals.

私はセブ市から103km離れたBoljoon(ボルホオン)という町の出身です。私は一人の兄弟、姉妹がいます。私たちはみんな結婚しています。私の父は政府関係の仕事をリタイヤし、母は主婦で小さな食料雑貨店をやっています。私は結婚し、娘がします。科の諸は14歳で、大学で勉強しています。 私の夫は日系企業の船会社で働いています。わたしはESL教師としてE-MO Language Studies Corporationで働いていました。そこで私は子供や学生、母親、専門家のPublic Speaking class, Conversational English, Critical Writing and Readingのクラスを受け持っていました。

Favorite TV programs and It’s contents

Oprah Winfrey show ?I often watch talk shows like Oprah Winfrey because I want to acquire knowledge and tips from their conversation, like one time their topic was all about the secret of a happy marriage. With that I could learned something from their topics.

私の好きな番組はOprah Winfrey showです。幸せな結婚の秘訣のような話題から知識や情報を得ることができるので私はしばしばOprah Winfrey のようなトーク番組を見ます。それらのトピックから学ぶことができます。

Comments to students

I teach my students with passion , dedication and with sense of humours . I believe learning should always be fun and interesting. I always motivate my students to learn and practice what they have learned.


Goals and dreams as an English teacher

It’s always been said that the calibre of a teacher is measured through the performance of the student that is why my goal as an English teacher is to see my students utilize the learning they acquire from me. The students will be able to enhance their knowledge and skills, be a proficient English speaker and be confident. As I obtained my goal in teaching to my students I would say “DREAMS COME TRUE” for me as a teacher and for my students who aim to be an expertise in English.

優れた教師は生徒のパフォーマンスを通してはかることができるといわれています。私の英語教師としての目標は生徒が私から学び得たものを彼らが役立たせる姿を見ることです。生徒彼らの知識やスキルを高めることができ、上手に英語を話し、自信を持つことができるようになります。私が教えるという目標を得たように、私は教師として「DREAMS COME TRUE(夢は実現できる)」英語の専門司式の習得を目指しています。

About Japanese and Japan

Japanese economy is one of the third largest in the world. Japan's main export goods are cars, electronic devices and computers. Japan has a surplus in its export/import balance. The most important import goods are raw materials such as oil, foodstuffs and wood. Manufacturing, construction, distribution, real estate, services, and communication are Japan's major industries today. For many people, the mention of Japanese culture conjures up images of weird masks and extravagantly made-up actors twirling red umbrellas on a stage and elegant, kimono-clad ladies demurely pouring cups of tea in tranquil cherry-blossomed temples. Even today you can still experience all that kind of stuff. Japanese are known to be friendly, polite, respectful, hardworking people. They show respect by bowing their heads. One of the basic concepts of Japanese society is tatemae and honne. Honne means your true feelings while tatemae is the face you present to the world. Japanese lives in a harmonious society. Someday ,I will visit Japan together with my family and visit their different sceneries like,A speedboat skims across the surface of Lake Toya, Hokkaido,a painter capturing the colors of spring in Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Tokyo,The Kegon Falls flow out of Lake Chuzenji, Tochigi Prefecture.

日本の経済力は世界第3位です。日本の主力輸出製品は車、電化製品やコンピューターです。日本の輸出入のは黒字です。最も重要な輸入品は、石油、食品、木材などの原料でです。製造業、建設業、流通、不動産、サービス、および通信は、今日では日本の主要産業です。 多くの人にとって日本文化は奇妙なマスクをまとい、不思議でステージで赤い傘をくるくる回し着飾った俳優、和服姿の女性が控えめに静かに桜の花咲く寺院でお社を注ぐ姿を連想させます。 日本人はフレンドリーで礼儀正しく、よく働く人々と知られています。彼らは頭を下げて敬意を表しています。日本社会の基本的概念は「本音とたてまえ」です。たてまえとは表向きの考え、本音は本当の気持ちを意味します。日本には調和のとれた社会があります。 いつの日か、北海道の洞爺湖水面をスピードボートで走ったり、春の色づいた東京の新宿御苑や栃木の華厳の滝が流れおちる中禅寺湖、家族と一緒に日本へ行きたいです。
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