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Full name: Corazon Corrie Jumalon
Former university: Cebu Doctor's University
Major in Univ.: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Birth date

About hometown and family

Though some people say that the kind of family that I have is too conservative and overprotective, it is still one of my treasured things that I can be proud of. At least, I have a family that loves me by intruding in how I go about my life. I belong to a tightly-knitted, middle class family in the town of Mandaue, which is located in the province of Cebu. In God’s grace, we are still able to get through the day despite experiencing some financial constraints. My father is currently in U.S right now, he is a sales manager in Hydraunautic. On the other hand, my mother is a plain housewife. In order to earn some income, she is selling goods in our little store. I totally admire my parents especially on how hard they worked and devoted to our family. I’m the eldest among three daughters in the family of five. My second sister is Ilene and she is also studying at Cebu Doctor’s University taking up Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy. The youngest in the family is Liza, she is took Bachelors of Science in Education. In gratitude and salutation to my parents’ never-ending love and support, I am now sacrificing myself by working in a job that I knew would take me away from them and demand most of my time.

私の家族が保守的過ぎて、過保護であると言う人もいますが、それでも、それは私が誇りに思う事の1つです。 それは少なくとも、私には私の事を愛してくれている家族がいるという事です。私の家族はマンダウエ市の中産階級家族です。(マンダウエはセブ島の市にあたります)。 神の恵みで私たちは、いくつかの財政的な規制を経験する時もありますが、日々を乗り越えていけます。 現在、私の父はアメリカにいて、彼はHydraunauticの販売部長です。そして私の母は明瞭な主婦です。 多少の収入を得る為に、母は小さな雑貨屋を開いています。私達の為にこんなに賢明に働いてくれている両親を心から誇りに思います。 私は5人の家族で3人娘の一番年上です。 私の2番目の妹はアイリーンです、彼女は薬剤師になる為にセブの医師の大学で研究しています。 家族の最年少者はライザです。彼女は既に薬剤師の資格を取りました。 私の両親の果てしない愛とサポートで現在、私は仕事をすることが出来ます、家族との時間、自分の時間を犠牲にしてでも私は仕事をしたいです。

Favorite TV programs and It’s contents

Like most of the people, I love watching TV series. I like drama series and action series. It’s because I love learning from them, like their culture and the way they face the struggles in life. I also watch Japanese and Korean TV series. I love the way they dress up and their beauty. The culture was amazing too.

多くの人が好むように私は、テレビシリーズを見るのを好みます。 私は連続ドラマと動作シリーズが好きです。 それらはさまざまな文化や人生での葛藤を見る事が出来ます。 また日本や韓国のテレビシリーズも見ます。 私は彼女らの着飾る方法と美を愛しています。 また、文化は見事だと思います。

Comments to students

As a former student, I have to do reports on lessons being assigned by the teacher. The experience gave me insights on how to deliver lessons effectively to my fellow students. I love teaching simply because I believe in my capacity and I was twice a call center agent in an American call centers here in Cebu. I also have awards like” best agent” of the week. I know I can deliver English well and I can teach my students well.

私は、教師としてレッスンのときにレポートを提出しなければなりません。元学生としての経験を生かし、どのようなレッスンが生徒にとって効果的なのか分かります。 私は教える事が大好きです。以前は2社アメリカ系のコールセンターで働いていました。そこでベストエージェントの賞も貰いました。私の持つ能力を生かし、素敵なレッスンを生徒様にお届けできます。

Goals and dreams as an English teacher

My primary goal as an English teacher is for my students to become an excellent English speaker that they want to be. I want to encourage them not to be ashamed in speaking the English language even though their English-speaking skills are not yet that perfect. I believe in the philosophy “Practice makes perfect”. English teachers like me can do nothing else but teach them how to communicate effectively by enhancing their vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking skills in the best way we can. I want them to always remember that the best teacher is always YOU.

私の一番の目標は生徒様が素晴らしい英会話力をつけることです。たとえ生徒様が流暢に話せなくてもそれに恥じることなく自信を持ってほしいです。 私は「継続は力なり」という考え方を信じています。 まだ経験は浅いですが有効なコミュニケーション方法、単語力や発音、話し方を最も良い方法で教えます。 私にとって生徒様が最も良い教師であることを覚えて欲しいと思います。

About Japanese and Japan

Way back in college, during World History classes, Japan has always been dubbed as “The Land of the Rising Sun”. I’ve learned that it is an economically progressive country and is in the lead when it comes to technology. As what I’ve seen in the educational and anime shows that I’ve watched, I observed that Japan is a very peaceful nation since everything is well-organized and its people always follows rules and laws being set by the government. The people are generally hardworking, law-abiding and honest in which guests could leave their valuables such as money on the table in their houses. I can also tell that they are creative since aside from the modern technology, Japan’s anime shows are widely known throughout the world.
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