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Full name: Fe E. Marinduque
Former university: Cebu Central Colleges
Major in Univ.: BSC Accounting
Birth date: Dec 4

About hometown and family

My hometown is Cebu City. They call it “the queen city of the south” because it is the most progressive city in the south of the Philippines. Every year lots of tourist come in this place because we have lots of beautiful places to boast to the tourists. The people here are very religious because every year we have a very big fiesta celebration in honor of our patron, Sr. Santo Nino. As of now we are the call center capital of the Philippines because of many call centers that are built here and up to now we are still constructing any buildings for call center. About my family background, I’m the third child among the six children of my parents. I graduated my college here in Cebu as Bachelors of Science in Commerce major in Accounting. I was a scholar in my school since first year in college until I graduated because I was once a member of our school dancetroupe. After I graduated in college, some of my dance troupe mate and me form a group and was able to perform in Japan as cultural dancers. I enjoyed my stay in Japan even though it was only four months. I did not finish my contract because my mother died so I went home to attend the burial. I was married in Cagayan de Oro City and has four children. I have three sons and only girl. All of my three sons are working now and my daughter is still studying as a teacher. As of now I am here in Cebu for my job as a teacher.


Favorite TV programs and It’s contents

I love to watch Cooking program because I love to cook different kinds of food. I also love to watch history channel especially the history of the Philippines because I want to know more about the history of my own country so when somebody from other country will ask me about my own country I can answer them with no hesitation.


Comments to students

I was once a tutor of grade level students. It was a great experienced because even though some of them were stubborn my patience was stretched because I already experienced it with my children. During my tutorial I make sure that they will listen to me by telling them that I will give them a reward if they have many correct answers. I taught them a good value in life so in the future they will have a good family.


Goals and dreams as an English teacher

I want that my student will remember me even if I already stop teaching not because of who I am but because of how I teach them and how I handle my class. I want to hear from my students that they are satisfied with my teaching and they learned.


About Japanese and Japan

As I experienced living in Japan for just a short time I have learned that honesty is their best policy because I experienced there I left something in a store and when I went back its still there. About the place Japan, I found it very nice place and very clean. I couldn’t find any trash even a wrapper of a candy in the road. It has as lot of beautiful place you should visit. I hope I can visit Japan again.

少しの間ですが、日本の暮らしを経験して、「正直であること」が日本の皆さんのポリシーであると学びとりました ― お店に忘れ物をした時も、取りに戻ったら、(そのまま)そこにあったのです(フィリピンだったら取られてしまいます)。日本という場所については、とてもいいところで、清潔だと感じました。あめの包み紙ひとつ落ちていませんでした!必見の、美しい場所がたくさんあります。私は、いつかもう一度日本に行きたいと思っています。
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