• Name / 名前:Ayen(アエン)

  • Place of Birth / 出生地: Cotabato City

  • Graduating university or college / 出身大学:Notre Dame University

  • Major in / 専攻:Social Studies

  • 講師歴:3年以上

What was your dream when you were a child? / 子供の頃の夢は?

Build my own business.

What is your hobby? / 趣味は?

Watching movie - "Shawshank Redemption"

What are you skilled in? / 特技は?

Friendly & Easily get along well with everyone.

What is your favorite food? / 好きな食べ物は?


Which country or place do you want to go someday? / いつか訪れてみたい国や場所は?

Mount Fuji

Suppose you were an animal, then what would you think you were? / もしも自分が動物ならどんな動物だと思う?

with the king of the jungle. Lion itself is known as the brave animal who never depends upon other to quest his hunger or to save himself from any kind of danger. He fights for himself and moves forward without any kind of fear. Therefore, I am a brave woman but still can't be independent. Hence, I'd prefer lion to be compared.

Message to Students / 生徒様へのメッセージ

Learning is truly immeasurable. It impacts your life exponentially. Learning has a power to change your life. You may not see this at the present time, especially when you are trying to learn ESL and you are running into some obstacles, but in the end (just like most other things when you mature), you will see the value of this learning. Then you will be appreciative of what English skills you have gained.