• Name / 名前:Jham(ジャム)

  • Place of Birth / 出生地:Cawayan, Masbate

  • Graduating university or college / 出身大学:University of Cebu

  • Major in / 専攻:Bachelor of Elementary of Education

  • 講師歴:3年以上

What was your dream when you were a child? / 子供の頃の夢は?

Since I was young I really want to be a teacher. It's my first love. For me being a Teacher is a vocation. Although the demand of the great teachers is tangible pressing need. I think teacher is the best job in the world.

What is your hobby? / 趣味は?

I love to travel, take pictures and listen to EXO's music especially when I feel tired. Their voice makes me calm and happy.
-Favorite non English songs that I listen the most are Peter Pan, 24/7, Promise, etc. Actually all EXO songs are my favorite.
-On the wings of Love by Kyla, I'll never love again by Lady Gaga and For Life by EXO DO are my favorite English Songs.
-I also like to watch Korean Drama, Japanese Drama, Chinese Drama, Thai Drama etc.

What are you skilled in? / 特技は?

good listener and deep sleeper.
-Sports: softball and badminton.

What is your favorite food? / 好きな食べ物は?

I like to eat various kinds of food but what I crave the most is Korean noodles jajangmyeon.

Which country or place do you want to go someday? / いつか訪れてみたい国や場所は?

I would like to visit Japan and Korea someday.

Suppose you were an animal, then what would you think you were? / もしも自分が動物ならどんな動物だと思う?

I am going to compare myself with an animal I would say I'm a cat.
because I like to sleep.

Message to Students / 生徒様へのメッセージ

Exhibits positive outlook and good attitude towards your studies. Enjoy learning, you will learn more while having fun. Don't limit yourself and keep widening your horizon in learning new things. Be Brave. Be Confident. Be yourself. You've got a power to change your life. Think positive.