• Name / 名前:Mercy(マーシ―)

  • Place of Birth / 出生地:

  • Graduating university or college / 出身大学:Saint Joseph College of Maasin

  • Major in / 専攻:English

  • 講師歴:3年以上

What was your dream when you were a child? / 子供の頃の夢は?

When I was a child , I dreamt to be a policewoman but due to being asthmatic , my father didn't let me. I also wanted to be a news anchor , but I was too timid back then . Fortunately I found my passion in teaching .

What is your hobby? / 趣味は?

I am somewhat like a "jack of all trades , master of none". I like drawing , more on sketching landscapes. I like designing clothes or even making one , I sometimes make my own dress. I am a bookworm since then, I feel like I become conversant whenever I read something . Writing narrative and descriptive essays are one of my hobbies as well as making stories . If I have some spare time , I do art and crafts like making advance letters to my friends or family . I am really into planting or growing flowers. I had a big garden in my hometown and I had planted nearly ten different fruit trees, maybe because I do have green fingers.

What are you skilled in? / 特技は?

Making / Designing dress and planting flowers.

What is your favorite food? / 好きな食べ物は?

Pork Sinigang

Which country or place do you want to go someday? / いつか訪れてみたい国や場所は?

Venice , Italy , Japan

Suppose you were an animal, then what would you think you were? / もしも自分が動物ならどんな動物だと思う?

I'd be a chameleon.
Like a chameleon , I am ever changing and always evolving . Nothing can knock my persistence down because I can roll with the struggles. I ride the tides of change with style.

Message to Students / 生徒様へのメッセージ

Hi ! This is teacher Mercy . I always have this principle in teaching " TEACHING AND LEARNING SHOULD ALWAYS COINCIDE IN ORDER TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL PROCESS OF EDUCATING ". Though you may have learned a lot , but never stop learning as the saying goes learning is unending process. A student should have a positive attitude , passion, and an inquiring mind towards study. Many students learn something but never try to use the knowledge they gained . Be a self motivated and believe in life-long learning , use the knowledge you learnt as much as possible . For my students or future students , if you're a beginner , never be discourage, instead , persevere harder . Never have a doubt about yourself , I would willingly guide you throughout . Never hesitate to ask questions , make your own sentences and try to express more . I am very much open for improvement. I always believe , there is no difficult task , lesson or thing if you match it with a hard work . See you in my class !