• Name / 名前:Rubie(ルビー)

  • Place of Birth / 出生地:Escalante Negros Occidental, Philippines

  • Former university / 出身大学:NONESCOST

  • Major in University / 大学での専攻:BSED- Technology livelihood Education

What was your dream when you were a child? / 子供の頃の夢は?

I forgot what is my dream when I was a kid. But naturally, as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes. I am a realist person I pay particular attention to the action and movement going on around me I build my dreams based on my current situation and capacity. Don't have a specific dream as long as I have a happy life.

What is your hobby? / 趣味は?

My hobbies are planting and doing arts and craft, these hobbies are like pursuing happiness with my competence. I want to get better at something, that fuels the skill-building process. And, I won't get the satisfaction I want from a hobby unless my motivation for doing it is intrinsic.

What are you skilled in? / 特技は?

nothing special just a common ability like quilling art.

What is your favorite food? / 好きな食べ物は?

My grandmother menu

Which country or place do you want to go someday? / いつか訪れてみたい国や場所は?

nothing specific but I live in digital life so I want to explore the distinction between artificiality and what is considered natural.

Suppose you were an animal, then what would you think you were? / もしも自分が動物ならどんな動物だと思う?

A lion because of the king of the jungle symbols of strength and courage. Lions are protective of territory, themselves, their young, and so forth. Same with my character very protective to all the people and things I value.

Message to Students / 生徒様へのメッセージ

To all of my students always remember we're constantly moving forward to some goal, your learning is gradually climbing the ladder towards, towards, going on towards progress. Continue being globally competitive because by being completely involved in the present, those elusive goals in the future could one day come to fruition.